Backdrops are usually cloths, either made of sequins, pillowcase fabric or stretch fabric which are used as a background of a photo. They help draw focus onto the person being photographed. Our backdrops come in a variety of designs and styles to match just about any theme and occasion.


*Please note that the output of the backdrop will vary from location to location due to different lighting conditions in the booth area.**


Themes are graphics or patterns used to design the frame of the photo booth print. They help add emphasis to the title and details of the event. It can create a mood or vibe that coincides with the occasion. Our themes are ready-made to inspire and help you create the best prints for your event. Paired with our backdrops and layout, you'll surely be able to create a combination that would perfectly fit the occasion.


Layouts are set templates for the positioning and size of the actual photo and the frame of the print. We hope that our layouts can guide you on what type of style and placement would work perfectly with your event.

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